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Power Distro Racks
Power Distro's Racks designed for larger "Touring" and AV companies. The distros have separate connector/breaker panels. Systems are tested and ready to use right out of the box. Various types listed below are grouped by output connector. The "NEMA 14-50 Distro" is a new concept for the AV industry.
Soca Distro's Edison Distro's Camlock Distro's. Powercon Distro's 14-50 Distros
Soca Edison Camlock Powercon 50a NEMA 14-50
L5 Twist Distro's L6 Twist Distro's L14 Twist Distro's L21 Distros CS Distros
20a/30a L5 20a/30a L6 20a/30a L14 20a/30a L21 50a CS/CR

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