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What's new on the Dimmerrack website

May 26, 2017, RTG Products made the decision to convert the Dimmerrack website
to the Authorize.net gateway platform. This new economical Shopping cart/Checkout system,
costs less and would allow the Dimmerrack website to provide "Free Shipping" on most purchases.

Aug 11, 2017, Dimmerrack website complete and relaunched. Panels and Parts website programming begins.

"Whatsnew" Link

Featured on the Dimmerrack front page, this link takes you to this page, displaying some of the newer items and features of the Dimmerrack website. Go to this page to see some of the more recent items that we are offering. Note: the "Whatsnew" button may also change.
As the button gets older, we'll update it with something that looks.......new!

What's New on this page

"Whatsnew" Feature Button

On each Dimmerrack page that features a new product or service, a smaller "whatsnew" buttom will be displayed. Moving the cursor over the button opens a message box describing the new feature.

Panel Distros Option Page

In the right column of every panel distro page is the link to a wide series of options.
Dimmerrack clients can "customize" their distro purchase with various features for their unique application.
These options are available as an integrated component to the distro as well as sold separately.


Ammeters (measuring electrical current) are now available separately.
Panels are provided for single phase and three phase applications with current measuring transformers.
Two versions are also provided combining meters and convenience outlets on the same panel.

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50a Pass Thru on XBrick and G3 Brick

The CS6369 panel mounted 50a receptacle is now standard as a pass thru on CS XBricks and G3 CS Bricks.
Pass thru's on all others are also standard. It is no longer necessary to add them as an option.
The addition of the 50a pass thru allows Dimmerrack clients to create a 50a stringer.

50a Pass Thru on Rak-box

With the addition of the CS6369 panel mount receptacle, Rak-box pass thru can now feed an additional distro.
Rak-box can be custom configured so this output is separately breakered.

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