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Power Distro Panels
Power Distro Panels are generally a lower cost alternative to larger full size racks. Panels contain input Camlocks, breakers and at least one type of output connector. Various distro types listed below are grouped by output. Twistlock distros now available with receptacle or flange connectors.
Soca Distro's Edison Distro's Camlock Distro's. Powercon Distro's
Soca Multipin Edison U-Ground Camlock Powercon 20/30

L5 Receptacle Distro L5 Flange Distro

L6 Receptacle Distro L6 Flange Distro

L14 Receptacle Distro L14 Flange Distro

L21 Receptacle Distro L21 Flange Distro
L5-20/L5-30 L6-20/L6-30 L14-20/L14-30 L21-20/L21-30

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