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Rak-Box Miniature Powercon Power Distros
MORE DESIGNS - MORE OPTIONS - LOWER PRICES (Click images for more info)

Designed for amp racks or FOH effects racks, RakBox is a low cost solution for Entry-level or Mid-level AV companies. From a smaller 40a application (L14-20) to an awesome 300a (Dual CS83-75), RakBox has the power to drive smaller PA systems for churches or schools to the "Power Hungry" concert level Crown or Lab Gruppen amplifiers. Custom combinations are available.

Rak-Box Powercon 20. Rak-Box Powercon True1. Rak-Box Powercon 32.
RakBox Powercon 20, Edison RakBox Powercon True1, Edison RakBox Powercon 32, Edison

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