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Brick Drop Box

We've manufactured thousands of G3 Bricks (Nov 2012) and XBrick (Dec 2013) since their inception.
The drop box is a staple of cable termination for many amp racks, drum risers, line arrays or any location
needing temporary power. The XBrick with it's simple setup or the GBrick with it's near endless combinations,
will always be part of the Dimmerrack stable of products. Click the Graphic to the left to purchase more.

We've taken the original XBrick design and added a module hole for G3 modules. Although the
G3 Brick was always modular, we've laid out all of the modules so that our clients can specify how they are built.
Clients can have the first brick built to their design, then buy additional modules to rebuild the brick on your own.
Click the graphic to the left to start your own Brick Modular program.

Sooner or later, we were going to make this available. Now here it is.
From the chassis, to stock modules, connectors, breakers and more, All the parts necessary to Do It Yourself.

If you've got the time, you can do the build. Click the graphic to the left and start your own project.

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